Rideau Valley Maintenance


Rideau Valley Maintenance is a local small business founded by two partners, each having more than twelve years of experience in the janitorial industry. What began as a simple logo redesign developed into a full brand identity project complete with a new website. The website allowed them to expand their business into e-sales and provided an edge over their competition.

  • Area

    Branding, Web Development, Illustration, Motion Graphics

  • Tools

    Illustrator, InDesign, AfterEffects, Webflow

  • Deliverables


Concept Development

After market research and various meetings with the client to establish a clear creative brief and truly understand their needs, it was clear the client needed a brand that could grow with their ambitions. The development of a clean, consistent brand identity would allow this new company to break into an already established market as a professional and trustworthy player.

Over 150 sketches and variations were presented through multiple rounds of revisions. Finally, 2 were chosen to be digitized and further developed until the final one was decided.

Logo Evolution



Once the final design was chosen, I created brand guidelines to ensure a consistent feel could be maintained across future communication and marketing materials.

New Hero — a clean, straightforward, geometric sans with a subtle personality — sets a professional tone as the main typeface. Work Sans is a more playful sans serif chosen primarily for its accessible nature, especially in digital applications. This open-source font allowed RVM to maintain an approachable and friendly tone across business communications without the need for any cloud subscriptions.

Blue was a natural fit as the main colour for this brand. While easily associated with water and cleaning, a dark tone denoted seriousness and reliability — core values of the company. Meanwhile, the vibrant green brought to life the valley of the community they serve and highlighted their commitment to natural, environmentally conscious cleaning products.

Web Development

With the brand guidelines established, it was time to develop a website for potential clients. Based on the business goals for Rideau Valley Maintenance, this was an opportunity to lay the groundwork for a future e-commerce site for cleaning supplies, establishing Rideau Valley Maintenance as a one stop shop for businesses and giving it an edge above the competition.


The site was built using Webflow. Once all assets were prepared, the first step was to build a thorough style guide with any repeated elements ready and fully responsive. This helped the development to be a quick and smooth process in the short amount of time available. The site also included a product section with a ready-to-use CMS template that the owners could easily fill out themselves as they added more products to their page.

See the finished site here!